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5 Low-Waste Spa Product Ideas To Try Today

Turning a blind eye to the impact we are having our planet is no longer an option.

And according to Zero Waste Week, the beauty industry manufactures a shocking 120 billion units of packaging a year.

But there are still steps you can take to minimise environmental damage when purchasing everyday products, including when you’re hankering after some home pampering.

Stay tuned for a rundown of seven of the best low (or zero) waste spa products for your next spa day at home!

A konjac sponge

Natural, soak-able, and compostable – the humble konjac (pronounced con-jack) sponge is a fantastic addition to your home spa routine.

Made from a sustainable and starchy south-east Asian tuber, konjac swells up when it comes into contact with moisture, and it’s a great substitute for a loofah on sensitive skin.

It is so versatile that you can even make noodles with it – though please do not consume any konjac sponges.

Shampoo bars

Shampoo? In a bar? Yes, it’s a thing don’t you know!

Faith In Nature have been in the sustainability game since 1974, and along with their fabulous refillable bottles, they also make low-waste shampoo bars with heavenly scents galore.

From lavender and geranium to dragon-fruit, they are Vegan Society approved, their packaging is 100% recyclable, and their coconut and shea butter version are even suitable for curly hair.

Bodywash bars

What’s good for the hair is good for the body, and instead of shelling out for bodywash from plastic bottles, why not go old-school and get a bar of low-waste soap to cleanse your body with?

Ethique make a lavender and mint scented one bodywash bar that would fit right in in your spa box – and it’s good for all skin types.

It’s also cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable, and palm-oil free. Winner!

Massage oils

If you’re getting a massage as part of your home spa session, you could do worse than buying a reusable bottle of cruelty-free and vegan organic cold-pressed body oil by Zero Waste Path.

Their 30ml Bliss Beauty Oil works as a luxury moisturiser for skin and hair that’s recyclable and reusable depending on whether you choose the metal cap option or reusable plastic pipette.

You can also personalise it with your own essential oils, and it’s even made with 100% renewable energy – get in!

Gift sets

And lastly, as the festive season draws near, you might be looking for low-waste gift ideas that won’t break the bank or hurt the planet in the process.

Ethical.skincare stock a beautiful vegan and zero-waste luxury pamper gift set that’s even chemical free, and contains lip balm, cleansing balms, and spar bars, plus much more.

But if you’re after something a little cheaper, you could always plump for the waste-free beauty gifts by Acala – such as their Happy Skin Gift Bag including a jade roller, or their Make Your Own Body Butter DIY Kit.

Sounds like fun, and it’s zero waste to boot!

Will you be making a difference and buying low or zero waste spa products? Let us know in the comments.

And to book an amazing massage with us at Hot Stone Spa, call 0208 830 2611, or you can get in touch here.

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