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Massage For Weight Loss - Could This Benefit You?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

From restricting calories to pumping iron at the gym, there are countless

ways to help shed excess weight.

But if you’ve put on a few extra pounds during lockdown or just looking

to maintain your figure, did you know that massage for weight loss could

be useful in keeping excess body fat at bay as part of your normal healthy


Read on to find out if massage for weight loss could work for you.

Massage for weight loss - the reality

It is important to remember that regular massage alone will not make

you lose weight - it should naturally be combined with the usual healthy

lifestyle methods such as eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, and

regular exercise.

However, the endorphin-inducing effects of massage therapy could help

you successfully stick to a healthy weight-loss and exercise regime and

its positive side-effects, such as:

  • Higher quality sleep

  • Reduction in muscle soreness

  • Improvement in movement range

  • Reduction in anxiety and/or depression

These are all great reasons to eat well and exercise, and massage can only

add to these wonderful aftereffects.

Massage supports your digestive function

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re likely to be mindful of the food

you’re putting into your digestive system.

And abdominal-sacral massage (also known as Mayan massage) may

help gently realign digestive organs, improve blood flow to the nerve

supply in the stomach area, and enhance excretory function too.

All of which can aid in losing those stubborn pounds.

Massage can help relieve stress(eating)

Living with stress can be a vicious cycle - if you regularly experience it,

you are more likely to indulge in stress-related eating, exercise less, and

in turn, pile on excess pounds, which leads to more stress-related eating,

exercising less, and so on.

But regular massage for weight loss helps you experience deeper

relaxation levels, eventually leading to a better sense of inner and outer

wellbeing, plus higher levels of feel-good endorphins.

So you’ll be less likely to eat excessively afterwards, and when you do eat,

you’ll be more likely to continue feeling good by eating healthy greens

and fibrous fruit.

Which is great for weight loss!

Promoting weight loss through better circulation

An improved circulatory system is a great by-product of regular massage

for weight loss.

Improved all-round blood supply leads to better absorption of nutrients

from food, and a boost in lymph drainage means your immune system

will be working at optimum levels to drain those pesky toxins too.

Types of massage great for improving your circulation:

Try one and see if it helps you in your weight loss journey.

Massage for weight loss - worth a shot

A massage is also a great way to treat yourself after an intense exercise

regime - so go on, treat yourself.

But remember - different fat loss methods work for different people, so

massage for weight loss may not necessarily work for you.

To take a look at our prices and book an unforgettable massage therapy

session that may help you keep the pounds off, click here.

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